The Home-School Association of Holy Rosary School is an organization of parents, teachers and administrators created to promote an effective educational environment for all children attending the school. Each family of Holy Rosary students is encouraged to join. Meetings are held throughout the school year. Various functions and fund raising events for students are sponsored by the Home-School.

We would like to extend to all the parents/guardians of our Holy Rosary School students an invitation to join the HOME SCHOOL ASSOCIATION.

Membership for the Home School Association is $15.00; this will cover annual dues and No Uniform Days (NUD) for the entire school year.

Remember home and school should go hand and hand when it comes to our children’s education and future.

Click on to the Parent E-mail notification Form. It is the best way to received HSA information and important information from the school.

Volunteer form

Print and fill out the Volunteer form and return to the Home School Association. A receipt will be sent home with your child.

HSA Committee Member form

Would you be interested in joining the Home School Association as a committee member? Print and fill out the form and return to the Home School Association.

We are very grateful to anyone who can donate time and energy to our school. It is important that all volunteers follow these simple regulations:

  • Sign in and out as you go to your assigned area.

  • Wear the appropriate badge for the area to which you are assigned.

  • Remain only in the area of the school to which you are assigned.

  • Do not engage teachers in “conferences” in the schoolyard.

  • Do not go to classrooms without an appointment or without checking in the office for a pass if you have an appointment.

  • Enter and exit the school through the front entrance only

  • Avoid concentrating on your own child rather than assisting the whole group.

  • All volunteers must submit to a background check conducted by the Archdiocese of New York.